Jenna - Newark, Ohio
Entered on January 9, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

Responsibility is a huge factor of life. People don’t really “live” life when things are handed to them. I think everyone should have some sort of a struggle during their life that they can really learn from.

I myself am a highly independent person and I am very proud of it. Since I was in sixth grade I’ve been doing most financial things on my own. When I turned fifteen I got a job, maybe not a good one, but a job. I buy my own clothes, personal items, lunch at school, everything. When I was sixteen after I got my license I began saving my money so that I could put a down payment on a car. I was able to save 1,000.00 dollars within two months and put that down on my car. Now I am paying 215.00 dollars every month for my car and I have to pay eighty dollars for insurance.

It kills me when I see how some kids just get everything; their parents have a lot of money and buys them anything and everything, including fancy cars, which I hate the most because I don’t think new drivers should even have nice cars like a 2007 mustang as their first car. Those people don’t have a clue about having their own responsibilities and how life is going to be and that’s a shame. I’m not saying that its always a bad thing for a parent to help out with things like buying school clothes or giving their child lunch money, but some parents spoil their kids way too much. They don’t make them have jobs, they don’t make them clean, they give them gas money or just spending money, they have absolutely no sense of responsibility. These kids are almost adults, almost on their own, what are they going to do when their parents cut them off and they find out life isn’t easy like that, they won’t have a clue.

I used to envy people like this, like why doesn’t my parents do these things for me, but as I’ve grown up and matured I’m glad I’ve lived the way I have because its taught me a lot about life, the real world, and responsibility. I believe being independent and not relying on others. I think it has made me stronger in the end and has really taught me something about life.