Dominic - St. Louis, Missouri
Entered on January 9, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

There are many different principles and values that I have learned over my lifetime that have gotten me through my life. Many people instill the values of peace, hope, prosperity, and many others into their lives to help them deal with the daily struggles of everyday life. Many of these values are taught at a young age by teachers, family, friends, etc. In my lifetime I have also encountered many different people who all taught me many different values and beliefs. I’ve been taught many different things by many different people throughout my life about how to overcome life’s largest, and smallest problems.

Amongst all of the different values I have been taught, the one that stands out the most and is the most affective in my life is faith. From a young age my Grandfather has instilled in me that all of one’s life issue can be settled with faith. Whether it was a bad grade on a test or a just a rough day, my grandfather would tell me to leave it up to the lord and have faith. Faith is something that helps me get through my everyday life and my everyday struggles. Faith also helps me get through my high times so that I remind myself that it could all be taken away. Many people have different values but to me, faith is the main value that gets me through my life.