Having Good Work Ethics

Allison - Newark, Ohio
Entered on January 9, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: integrity, work

Having a good work ethic can change a lot of other aspects in your life. Before I learned a lesson about good work ethics, I was very frustrated with my job. Work was the last thing on my mind. I did not care if I showed up late or did not show up at all. I was lucky I did not lose my job. When I did show up, I tended to act rude towards the customers if they had any problems or gave me any reason to be mad. I watched the clock for my time to leave and it only made the time drag on longer. I was about to quit my job without looking for another job first. I also got angry when someone would ask me to do anything besides what I was doing in my station.

My attitude towards my job has completely changed for the better now. I have many more hours now then I had before just because of my attitude change. I also have many more responsibilities then I did before. I am a lobby closer and I am trusted with many things. I don’t wait for my time to leave. I get around twenty to thirty five hours a week now. Not to mention I am very happy with my pay check. I do what I am supposed to do without anyone asking me and it makes things much easier for everyone. My managers respect me a lot more now and I am a valued employee. Since this has happened, I have got a fourteen cent raise. I am appreciated for the work I do. I do things just to help my co-workers get things done faster.

A lot of people I work with have taught me valuable things about having a good work experience. I watch how people react to certain situations and how to handle certain problems and other things at my work place. I have also learned from some people how not to act. Some of the people I work with have the audacity to complain about being at work from the moment they walk in. I don’t understand this because they are getting paid for what they are doing.

In conclusion, I am very proud of myself for the lesson I have learned. Maybe reading this essay could help someone learn this important lesson the easy way rather then having to go through it first. Everything happens for a reason and I am sure that my experience with my job was just a way to better myself in the end.