We Are All in This Together

Nicholas Stephen Valentine - St. Louis, Missouri
Entered on January 9, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

One day, our world that consists of thousands of races will live amongst each other with no racism. Our world as we know it today has started to see beyond just the color of skin. We have progressed from our standpoints on racism decades ago. An African American used to not be able to even drink from the same drinking fountain as a white man. Hopefully in the coming years there will be as much progress. I believe that if our world continues to look beyond the color of skin, our world will be a better place. Think of all hate crimes that occur every year. I believe race violence will come to an end.

I believe if we put one step in front of the other we can eliminate all the hate in the world. Hatred comes mostly from race. To stop racism, we have to start looking deeper inside a person to find their true colors. No more gang wars. I believe that racism causes gang violence, and without racism, there will be no gangs. The world will love with each other as if we were all one big family. I believe that through the words of Martin Luther King Jr., we can spread the word on how to stop racism in our world. I believe parents will allow their kids to be alone without the thought of violence. I believe in ten years that our world will be a better place. This I believe.