Do What You Love

Cole - Ellisville, Missouri
Entered on January 9, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that people should do what they love. Freedom is a great thing, and everyone has the freedom to do what they want. This country is built on the belief that freedom can exist with everyone. We all have the freedom of speech and choices. Some people might put people down for doing what they love for various reasons, whether it be from good or envy that they cannot do what you do, they feel they have to belittle you to make up for their faults. I always here of people getting put down for doing what they love because they aren’t athletes or they aren’t doing what everyone else wants them to do. But the people who put them down are just people who are insecure about themselves and they envy the people who do know what they love and love doing it because they don’t have a passion or hobby.

All through grade school I wanted to be an actor, I still do. I But back then allot of students including teachers discouraged me from doing it because they thought it was an impossible dream because I didn’t get the best grades and I wasn’t the most popular kid, I didn’t even get a role in the 6th grade play. I had to sit back and watch other people who weren’t going to take the play seriously and who aren’t even considering acting for a career. This hurt me and I was really down, and some people in my school didn’t help me out by saying that maybe I should just give up if I wasn’t the lead and I wanted to be an actor my entire life. But that didn’t stop me from believing in myself and trying to complete my real goal. Now in high school where there is tougher competition but it’s a better atmosphere because people are choosing to do theatre instead of being forced to. I love the friends I’ve gathered and being on stage I’m acting in front of a camera and also on stage. I’m doing this because I never stopped believing in myself and in my ability to do what I love which is acting.