Justin - St. Louis, Missouri
Entered on January 9, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: integrity

Someone’s life is never completed. You can never be completely complete. There can always be more learned and your life is never finished because you can always do more or do more things to improve what you have done before. Life is all about experiencing things and I don’t know if there is enough time in a lifetime for someone to experience all that is to experience in just a short lifetime even if you live to be one hundred which very few people do live to. I think that you can come close to being a perfect man of integrity but integrity is something that is intangible but it is a guide on how to live a great life and be all that you can be.

If I had to finish the statement it would be that I was a man of integrity because I lived life to its fullest by taking advantage of every opportunity that was placed in front of me. I did things that may have been hard but I struggled and accomplished those tasks which doing so not only benefited me in many ways but in made me a better person. My main and most important goal would be trying to better myself in all aspects and from every angle. Hopefully I was liked and loved by many people but that is not the most important thing. I just wish that the amount of respect is showed in the future as the respect that was granted to be by my fellow friends.