Reason for Living

Joseph - Newark, Ohio
Entered on January 9, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: purpose

To me I think everybody in life was created for a reason. I believe that as soon as your born you are given a death date and your life is planned out for you. When you quit a job, getting a new job is already planned out for you, getting new jobs; meeting new people are all planned out until the day you die. I nearly died when I was “seven; I was walking the river and walked over a drop off. It pulled me under the water completely. I was under the water for at least two minutes without breathing. My dad looked over to find me but I was gone, he looked around for me a little bit, my sister was the one who saw me and yelled to me dad that she was the one who actually saw me being pulled under water my dad heard my sister yell for him he quickly looked and saw me under water fighting for air, from far away he dropped all his fishing equipment and sprinted over to me, dove into the water and swam after me. My dad had a hard time pulling me out of that water because the current was now pulling us both down, the current was so strong. My dad pulled me out of the water seconds before I died. If he would not have been there to save me, I would not be here today. To me my dad being there and pulling me out of that current was a miracle. Although my dad almost died trying to save my life because the drop off and the current was so strong it was pulling us both under the water. What the drop off was basically is no bottom. You are walking in the water and the land you are walking on completely drops off and disappear. That’s what my dad and I got stuck in and almost lost our lives over. To me it was a second chance in life. My dad saving me happened for a reason. Apparently it was not my time to die. Someone up above had bigger plans for my life, that’s why I think everyone has a reason for living.