Patrick - Saint Louis, Missouri
Entered on January 9, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

I grew up in a family where secrets are held very close and are never shared. This has led to a lot of pain in my family. I almost lost a sibling over the belief that secrets should never be shared. I do not think that this is right. If you know something that is hurting someone then you should tell someone even if they are family. If you could save someone’s life by telling someone a secret that was not yours but did not tell anyone, then how would that make you feel? You would live the rest of your life in shame because you know you could have saved them if you had just told their secret. I believe that if you can save someone no matter whom they are then you should. Holding secrets that hurt is never a good thing. It not only causes problems for them but also for you. If someone tells you a secret or multiple secrets that you know they are holding inside because it hurts, they are telling you because it is a cry for help. They are asking you to help them and if you don’t help them then what kind of friend are you? They are crying for help because they need it. People do not go out in the world and ask for help every day. They go out and work every day and never think about anyone else. If they go out and ask for help then it is your duty as a friend to help them.