Life Can Be StressFull

Zachary - Ofallon, Missouri
Entered on January 9, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

Growing up as a young kid life was stress free because no matter your decision good or bad there was just a little consequence. As you grow older and mature your decisions can impact your life majorly. As a teenager stress can be vented in good and bad ways. Life shouldn’t always be stressful and have tons of worries. Just because you make a bad choice in life doesn’t mean your life is over but it is a chance at a new beginning.

I believe that people live stressful lives and are constantly under stress. But people also need to see the other side of life. Making bad decisions are always going to happen but when they do you just need to step back look at the situation see what you did wrong and start over. In order to relieve stress you just need to take a step back get your mind off of things. When you do go back and get through things you will know at the end of the day you will twice as strong mentally as you were the day before.