This I believe

Mark - 63017, Missouri
Entered on January 9, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

I am seventeen-years old and I go to CBC. I believe that there is a God and that Jesus died for our sins. I think that God gives everyone a purpose that serves to help other people. I think that the Bible consists of Gods words of wisdom. Yet I think the purpose of the Bible is to gives lessons that help us in our daily lives. My view of the Bible is not that the bible is a history book but a book that has lessons that show us what actions are right and wrong.

Each person has their own religious belief and I think that they have every right to believe what they believe. If they are different from me, then they are no better no worse than me. I strongly think that they’re religion is theirs to worship and that I have no business going to them and convincing them to be catholic. I believe that you should not burn in hell because of your beliefs. The way someone participates in religion depends on how they worship and live it in their daily lives.

I feel that if we did not have a diversity of religions than we would not have different beliefs. It is ok to believe in religion but I believe that God wants us to live out our religion that way we question what religion is right. I believe that God wants us to have different religions for us not to see who is right or wrong but make us wonder which religion is truly the right one. I believe that when we die that we go to Heaven or Hell and if so God will reveal to us the right religion that tells of Gods true teachings.