Quit Your Religion

Jason - Orlando, Florida
Entered on January 9, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

The only thing religion has ever done is divide people. Since people killing each other over the sun gods, to the awful conflict between Israel and Hamas, religion has caused death, war, guilt, and shame. Any god would not be worth worship if there god would send Mother Theresa to hell, or Ghondi to purgatory. These are all stories loosely based on facts Man made up to answer there questions to the meaning of life. We have advanced our logic in all areas including science, politics, health care, and medicine. Yet religiosly we are in the stone ages. We still pray to the sun gods, and think dragons are still good luck. If you take out religion all that remains is logic. It is only then when you can find the science of the supernatural and begin to understand that the world doesn’t seem as flat anymore.

We are now fighting a war against people who love their god so much they will kill for him. There are young men in Afganistan who thinks we are all evil, and a grandmother in Kansas who swears that those people are the devil. These people really believe they will die and have 40 virgins in their harom. The only thing more rediculous is living in paradise for all eturnity.

People do really great things in the name of God, but why do it for God, is humanity not a good enough reason, your good name or your family is not a good enough. Why do we guilt our self into doing good things to make a god happy instead of our nabor happy. For what its worth this is what I believe.