Laughter Is The Best Medicine

Shelby - Florence, Montana
Entered on January 8, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

The people that surround you are no doubt your life. Realizing this, you look back on hardships, good times, and the occasional hangout that you shared with a close friend. Friendships carry an important trait that you can’t come across with anything in this world besides a connection with the person standing next to you. This trait that is so warming to the heart, mind, soul, and body can change your mood in an instant, this trait is so familiar to all humans; laughter. We are all told several times in our lifetime that laughter is the best medicine. If you looked in a dictionary you would find “a remedy for treating illness” under medicine. In our lives laughter has to be the greatest remedy for anytime that challenges us or even just places us in good humor.

A challenging time in my life that brings back a flood of emotions to my heart is the month of October 2005. The big obstacles that I faced in my life before this time were what I was getting for Christmas or the few groundings from my parents but it hit me hard when my grandpa died. Often we are told silly things by people older than us, we are skeptical but we never really know if they are being serious. At my grandpa’s funeral the time when everyone talks came around and I sat in my chair gripping tightly to the Kleenex that was, so far, doing a good job of keeping the tears from running down my face. Eventually, I stood up and told a silly story when my grandpa told me that to cure anything just pee on it and it would be better instantly. Around the middle of September I got a surgery on my foot and my grandpa repeatedly told me that it was really no big deal and I should have just peed on my foot. Coming from him this was no surprise so when I told everyone this at the funeral for that time there was laughter, and everyone was taken back to joyful times with my grandpa. After I spoke there were several others that told of hilarious times that they had had with my grandpa too. What more of an off time to laugh than a funeral, right? Well somehow it brought us closer together knowing that we shared the gift of laughter through my grandpa.

I truly do believe laughter is the best medicine to any bad emotions you are feeling. The most memorable time I laughed hysterically was in Bob Ward’s with my best friend Mercee. It was Black Friday so everyone was out to get a special deal, an older lady in particular. She was weaving through sales racks and this is where she met her enemy. The cuff of her coat was Velcro and so was the one hanging on the rack. When she rapidly walked by the two instantly stuck. She turned around viciously as if someone was grabbing her. She got a disgusted look and threw her arm down vigorously. I had to run behind a rack of clothes to be sure not to laugh at her face. She definitely could have used laughter for her day. The medicine of laughter reminded me the simplest things could be one persons down fall but another person’s source of laughter.

Whether it is fun or challenging times one way or another no matter who you are with, laughter is bound to happen. Not only is it fun to do, but laughing also releases built up emotions that can help you move on to being a happier person. From funerals to ridiculous unmentionable moments with your loved ones laughing is the best remedy for any emotion. After all “the most wasted of all days is one without laughter.”-e.e. cummings