Preforming: A Stress Eliminato

Erich - St. Louis/Missouri/63129, Missouri
Entered on January 8, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: creativity

I believe that the art of performing in plays and musicals is a great way to relieve stress.

My name is Erich Peltz, ever since I hit high school I have began to see the stress that life can deal at unexpected times. For example some common things like tests, work related issues, and relationships; and some unexpected issues like a family member becoming terminally ill, or a sudden rupture in your own health. Needless to say, common every day experiences and sudden experiences both contributed to a stressful high school experience. During the second semester of my freshman year of high school, I was invited to do a play at Notre Dame High School. I had never thought about auditioning for a play or musical before, so I thought I might give it a shot. I auditioned for the play, which happened to be “Footloose”, and I was picked to play a role in the chorus. By singing and dancing in the play I found out that I was finally releasing negative energy and stress that was stuck in my body.

Dancing to me became a way of working out my body and relieving stress and pressure from my mind. Singing only enhanced this feeling of releasing stress. A song would explode from my mouth with my own unique sound. I realized that when I would project my voice into a crowd the negative parts of my life, like tests, homework, and relationship issues would drain away in the sound of the music.

In a way acting has also help relieve stress. It not only helps me, but other actors/actresses be put in other peoples shoes. The actor/actress is trained to walk in the shoes of the person they are trying to portray. Sometimes this person will have a carefree attitude towards life, helping the actor/actress to act as if nothing affects their stress level. There are also actors who portray antagonists who have to start or oppose a conflict in a theater production. This help an actor/actress is placed in the shoes of a person who is most of the time, worse off, dealing with stress.

The way a student like me can deal with stress is a daily workout routine, and exercise. A theater production not only does it force you into a daily workout of your body and your voice, it releases stress through ongoing practice of songs and through the portraying of different characters.

I have been doing shows at Notre Dame High school for 3 years now and each day I become less stressed.