Punk Rock is Freedom

Jamie - Selah, Washington
Entered on January 8, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: creativity

I believe punk rock is freedom. Yeah, I know it sounds silly doesn’t it? But its true, punk rock can save lives. Its not some trendy clothing style, or some stupid high school label, it’s much more than that, its something that no one can even describe, freedom.

It all started the day of my very first concert. I jumped out of bed; there were so many thoughts and ideas of what could happen at the gig. I didn’t know what I was feeling nor thinking. When I arrived at the show, I was blinded by the thousands of kids that stood outside the concert hall. There were so many kids, just like me. Well, not just like me, but sort of like me “different”. Somehow I felt like I could find myself in the land of misfited children.

Once I made my way inside, the air was thick and stuffy. I was already dripping in sweat making my way to the stage. I wanted to be close; I wanted them to see me. The band began to play; the sound of the guitar screeching filled the club. The roaring sound of the crowd, everyone screaming, yelling, kicking, jumping, saying random shit that just didn’t even make sense. The roaring was like the sound of an ocean wave crashing into the rocks of the shore, just like how the sound of the heavy thick chords of the guitar come together into the sound of the roaring crowd.

Then there was silence, not just any type of silence, like a one second type of silence. He looked up from his guitar and smiled, then slammed onto his guitar some how making a chord. His voice strong, raw, and pure singing his heart out to all the beloved fans like me who came out to see this show. I started singing aloud, and started jumping around. I don’t know how or why I did. I just felt the music. No one can describe how you emotionally feel once music is a part of your life and soul. No one can.

Somehow I lost care of thought about what others around me thought. I finally had a strange but good feeling that I belonged, somewhere where I can finally “fit in” sort of speak. But yet I’m still an “outsider”.

That’s why I believe punk rock is freedom, because it really doesn’t matter what you wear, or how you look, or act, the only thing that matters is if anyone has a feeling of hope in something. Or if you have something you can base and relate your life upon to. And for me that’s punk rock, it gives me a feeling of freedom, living without authority. That’s why I think everyone needs a certain type of freedom, to make living in this cold terrible world, worthwhile.

As Billie Joe Armstrong once said, “Punk has always been about doing things your own way. What it represents for me is ultimate freedom and a sense of individuality.”

Once the gig ended, my heart sank. The bodies that surfed across the crowd tumbled into the ground, like fishes out of water spastically falling and flopping back into the sea of the unwanted misfited children. The band walks off the stage, the crowd starts chanting their name over, and over again. Then the lead singer comes back onstage for one last song. The crowds yelling goes to a dull roar, and everyone’s eyes are on him, probably the most amazing man to ever pick up a guitar.

As he sings the last song, my heart beats faster than ever before. I finally felt like I belonged somehow. I look around some people are in tears screaming and singing there hearts out like never before. They have a sense of feeling that I can relate to. Then cheering, and clapping the show was over. I’m frozen, walking out of that gig that night felt like someone that I held so close and so dear walked out of my life.

I even regret my mum dragging me out of there; I could have met the band. I only wish, and hope to someday meet those three amazing men that changed my life.