Do You Believe in the Value of Fun?

Mercee - florence, Montana
Entered on January 8, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

Webster’s Dictionary defines fun as, “the ability to provide enjoyment and being pleasantly entertaining.” Spongebob Squarepants, on the other hand, defines fun as, “F is for friends who do things together! U if for you and me! N is for anywhere, anytime at all!” I believe having fun is the best remedy to a hard-hitting day, the best thing to have while in school, and a great virtue to share with others.

When life hurtles hazardous obstacles at us, the best thing to do after crying, stressing out, and throwing things is to laugh and have fun! I recently was involved in a car accident. Swerving in and out of four lanes of cars and on-coming traffic, slamming into a median, and almost killing my boyfriend was enough to stop my heart and initiate the water works. When Jeremy said, “Merc’ just come look at what you did to your car,” I was preparing myself for the worst. When I saw a flat tire and no damage, I began to laugh. After realizing I had over-reacted and the harm done to my Ford Explorer was inconsequential, we spent the next hour and a half amused in a cop car. The night ended up being an unforgettable experience that brings a smile on my face as I bear in mind the silly details such as, being dropped off at Wal-Mart by a patrol vehicle, having a snowball fight in the middle of the night in a parking lot, and then cuddling next to a fire, grateful to be alive. I believe that having a good time is the best remedy for bumpy obstacles in life.

However, the next worse thing to accidents is the monotony of school. The last thing any student wants to hear is, “Take out a pencil and a piece of paper.” Instead, I refuse, just to mix things up and have an amusing and enjoyable time. There are plenty of times lectures end up being rather tedious to listen to, so hiding the teaching supplies and setting the clock forward help to provide my classmates and I with some hilarity. Shenanigans are those unforgettable, entertaining activities that have been making school fun for ages. I believe in making school a place of laughter, treasured memories, and amusement.

Now, what kind of a friend would they be if they kept all the pleasures of having fun to themselves? Sharing the value of being joy and laughter is a quality everyone should have. I don’t know where I would be if I never shared those “Got to be there” moments with so many loved ones. One of these moments was Black Friday 2008. My best friend, my sister, and I got an early start on Christmas shopping. At a local furniture store, Shelby insisted on showing me the couch of her dreams. When a sales woman asked if we needed anything, Shelby replied, “How old do you think I am?!” The confused, defensive look on the sales woman’s face was priceless. The great part wasn’t laughing so hard I cried or watching the lady walk away wishing she never asked, but it was rolling on the couch with my best friend and just living for that moment. I believe in a friendship with all the silliness, unconformity, and stupidity attached!

Finally, I believe in true, idiotic, childish adventures. Without amusing, ridiculous, and unreasonable times like these, one’s soul will grow dull and one will find it difficult to see the

little pleasures and gifts in life. To lose something that makes you smile or giving up that opportunity to smile should be considered a crime against humanity.