I Believe In The Winter Sun

Ruby - Tacoma, Washington
Entered on January 8, 2009
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: nature

I believe in the Winter Sun. Here in the northwest the summer sun is our best kept secret. Folks who never come here assume Seattle=rain, 365 days a year. Yes, we get rain, lots in fact. Yet some days, the sun does shine. In the summertime, our days are long and often filled with light that makes my black cat “Sista” purr in delight. In that shining light she becomes “sista sunshine” soaking it up for hours then flopping happily on the white kitchen floor to ‘cool down’. In the winter, we earn our wet reputation. The rain pours for days at a time, causing roadways to flood and the cat to complain. Yet some mornings, we are truly blessed. These are the crystal clear morns that fill one with a sense that ‘everything’s gonna be all right’. Scraping my windshield that is solid ice, I can only smile as the winter sun emerges slowly and softly from the eastern sky. Never a ‘glaring’ sun- the winter sun is slow and easy to rise, but gracing us with a glory that is simply breathtaking. The Cascade mountains, with Mt. Rainier leading the pack, rise to greet us and the grandeur of the Olympics glisten like a jewel to the east. The wonder of it all makes one keenly aware that compared to the Grand Canyon, the winter sun is the next best reminder of the wonder of it all. This I Believe.