This I Believe

Cameron Kuske - 63146, Missouri
Entered on January 8, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in an individualism and self reliance in religion. Many people from different religions are forced into their beliefs, either by their family, friends, or leaders, which causes a disruption in the balance of truth and human nature. Religions help keep the world together and offer various ways of enjoying life, but if any religion were so corrupted in any way by an intolerant person, whom may convince un-knowing people to hate other cultures, it would create total chaos and end in violence. If all people believed in what they were told, there is no telling what is truly right or wrong in the real world. Mislead beliefs lead to ignorance which can contradict human nature and, if strongly taken by, can cause hate, death, and destruction, just as countless of people cause today from their strongly felt way of life ordered by leaders. Most of the time, the different beliefs about life and how to run life by the intolerant, brainwashed people are the primary reason why most wars start; and when most wars occur, people end up contradicting their own religious beliefs. I believe people from all around the world should be more open to discussion about what they are told about a god and how to live a life from a god. Following self-made observations about the world can raise questions to many religions, which may even contradict themselves in one way or another. By self reliance in beliefs, people can find in nature a truth that is more understanding to themselves, the way in which is the most natural and non-corrupted in the world. Sometimes religious views held by the unaware persons miss the real realizations and important details about life that are right in front of their face and can only be found by one’s self character, which, what I believe, is the best way to recognize and hit upon complete answers that other religions miss.