I Believe

Jonathan - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Entered on January 8, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

Is there some sort of feeling in your life that makes you say, “Nothing else matters” if you are always feeling this way? I believe as long as I’m happy, nothing else matters. Look at these situations. Working a job you hate, living in a house that is falling apart and has no air conditioner or heat, or being in a relationship with someone that you cannot stand? You and I do not want to be in those situations. Once you start thinking about that, then you start realizing the importance of being happy with yourself. Happiness means a lot of other things, but, to me, I find happiness in strong relationships and straightforward, tiny, everyday gestures.

What I mean when I say strong relationships is having your best friend, your family, or someone that you love dearly. These are people you care about and you have strong relationships with; without them you would not have anyone to talk to when you’re mad, upset or just need a shoulder to cry on. And I am not talking about just any friend you might have. Of course you are going to have a lot of friends, but I am talking about those few friends whom you call best friends. You and only that best friend have a strong relationship with each other.

I have a few best friends, but the one that means the most to me is Emily Kelle. I have no relatives. I do, but I do not consider them family anymore. Someone I love dearly is Sarah Thornton. It’s important that those few best friends are in my life because I know at any time and day, I can turn to anyone of them. Strong relationships make my life better because I know that someone is always there for me. Strong relationships are a key part of my life because with strong relationship there’s happiness, and with happiness nothing else matters.

You know someone that is probably not having the best day ever. Do you ever think about how you can make their day any better? Well, it’s simple, small, everyday gestures. Little things like a smile, a peace sign, or a “Hey, how are you?” Little thing like that can improve their day. When I make someone else feel a whole lot better or brighten their day, it brings me happiness. So, every action you make is important, and nothing else matters.

Happiness….you should never try to be something you’re not. That means that you’re not truly happy with yourself. I believe strong relationships and straightforward, tiny, everyday gestures are the most important thing to make someone and yourself truly happy. When these two things are pleased, a person becomes thrilled with their life. With happiness…..nothing else matters.