This I Believe

Bryn - Knoxville, Tennessee
Entered on January 8, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

Most people believe in family, love, freedom, etc. Me? I believe in opening doors. Now I know that opening doors for people is just a basic manner that most people tend to forget, but to me it is more than that. To me, opening the door for someone is acknowledging his or her existence even in this busy world where it is so easy to fade into the background.

Mind you, I am not just talking about the physical doors that you use when you walk into a building. I am also talking about, as cheesy as it sounds, the metaphorical doors to your heart. I try to keep my door open to people and let them see the real me. I want to be everybody’s friend. The school counselor at my school once told me that if I slammed those doors shut, I wouldn’t make any friends so I should keep the doors open. At the time I was thinking, “How the heck do I even do that?” I was shy and didn’t know how to click with any of the people in my class. After a while ‘opening the doors’ just meant ‘act like yourself and don’t do anything weird’. Sure enough, I got a best friend and people were nice to me. I didn’t have to fling the doors wide to everyone, just a crack so people could open it if they want to. That was middle school. In high school, I smiled more and people were even nicer. I talked to them and figured out that people weren’t as scary as I originally thought they were.

Of course, the mental doors weren’t the only things that I opened for people. If I have time, I will stand by the door and keep it open until I can’t see people coming to the door anymore. A lot of the time I will stand there, holding the door open even if the person isn’t anywhere near the door. After passing through, a ‘thank you’ of ‘thanks’ is tossed in my direction. I know it is only a small act of kindness, but I think that people really appreciate it when you hold the door open for them. It makes me feel happy that I can do something for someone that makes his or her lives just a little bit easier. I know that it’s not saving the whales or adopting one of the many homeless animals in the world, but it’s something and it encourages other people to do good things as well. I want people to be happy all day long and not have a care in the world. I want them to be thankful that they got up that morning and I want them to pursue life with enthusiasm. Simply put, I want the world to smile, and if all it takes is just someone remembering to open the door for them in the morning, well, I’ll be the person who does it. After all, that’s what I believe.