Michael Notter - Bridgeton, Missouri
Entered on January 8, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

All that I do and all that I am and all that I believe was created by my life. All that a person does and all that a person is and all that a person believes was created by his life. A person could down a path that is paved with darkness or a person could down a path paved with light. No one would go down the path of darkness without reason and it our job as a fellow human to help the person get back on track. No one is beyond help or happiness but only a relationship with caring people can a person even begin to trust someone let alone begin to see the light. Care for those who need caring and care for those who are caring and you will begin to see the good in not just life but in yourself and in your fellow man. Peace is for those who are peaceful and love is for people who love. A cold heart will break by force but will melt with warmth.