Everyone Is Good

Michael - Maryland Heights, Missouri
Entered on January 8, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: humanism

I believe that every person has some good in them. Even the worst criminals who have done the most heinous crimes are good. A lot of time people are mistaken as bad people because of their appearance or because of things they have done in the past. None of that should matter when determining whether or not a person is good because every person is good. I think that it would be hard to live my life without this belief. Being a teenager, I know people that are going down the wrong path and even though there are many people who say that they are not good people or that there is no possible way for them to have any good in them, I have to believe that they are good.

When people say that another person is not a good person, they are judging them. God is the ultimate judge. He makes every human being in his image and likeness and to say that a person only has bad in them is to say that God has only bad in him. In God’s eyes we are all good so I believe that to be in good favor with God, you have to live and think as he would.