Working Out

Joe - Ridgewood, New Jersey
Entered on January 8, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: sports

I believe that working out and staying in shape is an important value in people’s lives. As an athlete, I feel that working out and staying in shape will improve your life in many different, connected ways. As a baseball player, I work out every day, except Sunday. I see and feel the result, physically and mentally, from working out. Physically, I see my body getting ripped and I feel that my body has a lot more energy because I can physically last for a whole baseball practice, which last from four to six hours. Mentally, I am able to focus for a long period of time, on and off the baseball field.

Energy is an important source in our lives. Energy helps us focus and get through our daily lives. Without energy, we are too tired to focus, which is why we sleep. Sleeping also restores our energy into our body. Energy helps us to mentally focus on what we have to do in our daily lives. Whether it’s in classrooms, work meetings, or sporting events. To improve the energy level in our body, we have to work out for at least twenty to sixty minutes, three times a week, doing any type of exercise. I believe that twenty minutes of cardiovascular exercise, three times a week will improve your energy level. When I do cardiovascular work outs, I see myself more able to focus for a long period of time. For example, I am a student- athlete and I have three, one- hour and fifty-five minute, classes back to back to back on Monday and Wednesday, starting at 7:10 am and finished by 1:25 pm. Then I have baseball practice at 2:15 pm, which last from four to six hours depending on how the coaches feel. After practice, I go to my room and start doing my homework. There have been many times where I have thought to myself, “how am I able to get through a day with the schedule I have?”. I am be able to get through a day like that because I have enough energy to mentally focus which leads to my belief that working out will help you get through your daily lives.

Since working out helps you gains energy, it will improve your social life. When you are tired after work, you don’t feel like going out to hang out with your friends. Therefore, it will hurt your social life because you don’t have enough energy to go out. No one wants to be with a tired person; they are boring. In my experience, some of my friends, who don’t work out tend to get tired easier and faster than I do in many activities, like football. When I play football with my friends, they are out of breath within fifteen minutes into the game. While, I still have enough energy to outrun my friends for the touchdown. In the boy’s world, we are competitive against each other in any sporting activity. Guys like a good competition, which is a reason why we get along with each other in the society.

Working out will not only helps you to gain more energy and improve your social life, it will also improve your health. I have been taught, throughout my life that working out will improve my health. I really do believe it because I see how much my body changes, in a healthy way, each week. I feel like I am able to breathe more air into my lungs, which means that I have expanded my lungs captivity allowing more oxygen into my body. I can also feel the improvement of my heart rate. The average resting heart rate is seventy beats per minute. My resting heart rate is sixty beats per minute, which is very healthy. It is good shape because my heart doesn’t have to pump blood around my body as hard each minute. The lower the beat per minute at resting heart rate, the longer your heart will last. Working out will also decrease your chance of getting a heart attack or a heart disease.

This is why I believe that working out and staying in shape is a very important value in our lives. It will help you focus to get through your daily lives and it will also help you to improve your social life and your health. Do you want to improve your energy level? Do you want an active social life? Do you want to be healthy? The solution to those questions is to work out. Not necessarily to get stronger, but for a healthy lifestyle. That is what I believe in.