My Life

Thomas - St. Louis, Missouri
Entered on January 7, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

When I was born, I was baptized. I went to a Catholic school, went to mass every weekend, and have been baptized and confirmed in the Catholic faith. My mother is a converted Catholic and my father grew up in a household deeply laced with Catholic beliefs. Though I have this deep history of Christianity in my blood, I disagree with a large amount of things with the Catholic Church. I believe that gay marriage should be allowed, for it is a matter of opinion whether or not it is moral. I believe that the government should not be allowed to regulate such things for marriage is a connection on the spiritual level, which falls into the fact that church and state should be separate. I believe that Jesus existed and I follow the teachings of the bible, not because I think that all the miracles occurred or that some of these events even happened, rather that I follow the spirit behind the words.

I believe in Darwinism as well as the universe being created by a superpower for if there is some being powerful enough to create everything, then it shouldn’t be a problem for this power to subject his will in the realm of science. I believe in guardian angels and the demons, right and wrong, ying and yang and while it may be hard to believe in a God or gods, I feel his presence looking into the starry night sky out in the country.