The Power of Music

jessica - plano, Texas
Entered on January 7, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

The Power of Music

I believe that music is the essence of the soul. It brings different moods to people’s lives and if you think about it, it brings out the personality in someone.

Just think of all the different types of music there are…you have rock, punk, alternative, reggae, rap, instrumental, techno and the list just keeps going. Now whenever you listen to certain types of music, it gives you different feelings. For example, say I’m listening to a song by Bob Marley; I’m obviously going to feel relaxed and not have a care in the world because that’s how his music makes me feel. If I were to listen too breathe by Sia, it would make me feel sad because it’s a sad song.

I believe that a song tells a story and can be translated in many different ways depending on how a person views its meaning. Songs can mean so many things and tell so many different stories and that’s why songs are unique to me in my own way. I have many songs that I can relate to my own life. That’s why I believe that music is so powerful to people’s lives, because without it the world would be a lifeless place.

I believe that music is what brings life into everything and it makes the world go round. It’s even proven that when you play classical music, it helps your plants grow. I find that amazing because if music can do that, then just think of what else music can do.

This is what I believe.