Never Letting Go

Jessica - Frisco, Texas
Entered on January 7, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: love, work
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Love gets annoying. It makes you tired, it always hurts, and it consumes your life. There are times when you just want to rip your hair out, pull your ring off, and throw it across the room. Love is so frustrating and anger-inducing that you just want to walk away and never, ever look behind you.

I believe in never letting go. At the hardest times when you’re ready just to give it all up, you can’t take it any longer, don’t let go. Take a deep breath, and get through it.

I know a couple that have been through the very hells of life and back ten times over. Every time something comes up it just gets worse. True love brought them together. Now their differences keep them apart. They shout and scream at each other over work, or bills, or the kids, or the money, or the dirty socks on the floor, or the light bulb that went out—again—in the kitchen. They’re so tired of each other they can’t stand any moment together. She cries in the privacy of her bedroom and he comes home at ridiculous hours of the night. And the secrets, secrets that should never be kept secret between lovers, add salt to the wound. They’re left wondering, what now? The children are stuck in this endless battle of what if’s and fear. Will there be a divorce? What then? Will we have money? If not? And the children, in turn, are left hopelessly thinking, what is the point in love, if it ends in tragedy like this?

There’s something to say when you just want to get away. You put one thing off and then another just to avoid going home. Whether it’s because of the children, or the bills or the computer that suddenly stops cooperating, that finally throws you over the edge and with every ounce of drama flowing through your veins you thrust forward and yell, “That’s it! I’ve had ENOUGH!”

What is supposed to happen next? You give it all up? All the time that you spent with that person, gone to waste? Sure, go ahead, walk away, move on with your life. But it is only bound to happen again. Love, true love, takes work. Even the movies have given up trying to show us this fairytale picture of a happy couple in a happy marriage with a happy relationship in their happy life.

I believe in never letting go. It gets rough. We aren’t stupid, we know it gets hard. So some say, why try? If you never try, you don’t get hurt, right?


I believe in never letting go. Things happen, but it becomes a thing of the past. You can’t let it consume you and your future. It seems like it’s just a matter between the two of you but in reality, it affects the world.

I was in middle school when I met my friend Amber. It was such a foreign concept to me, that her parents were not divorced. No child should feel that way. Ever. Why do we live in a society in which we get married two and three times and have children here and there, then we just have to pick it all up and start again? What ever happened to the concept of growing old together, till death do we part?

I believe in never, never letting go.