I Believe in Me

Keyoka - McKinney, Texas
Entered on January 7, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in myself. I believe I can do anything. Walls shatter before my feet. I am invincible, though invisible, but I’m free. I believe I can step over mountains like grains of salt. I believe in me. When I was young, no one liked me apart from my mom, my sister, and my godfather. Everyone in my family shunned me because I cried like there was no tomorrow. My mom says when I was a toddler, my grandmother beat me until I had scratches and bruises all over my back for an unworthy reason. My father used to not acknowledge me, one of his many illegitimate children. Once I entered school, I suppose I roved to be useful. I inherited the talent of the pen from my mother who gave it up due to reality. I had a brain, the honor student I was dubbed. I read big books too, which led to the big, impressive vocabulary of an eight year old loner kid. I awed the masses. I wonder if that’s when they cracked open my head and gave me their dreams and aspirations. I wonder if that’s when I took them out and decided to fill my head with me. I grew and grew and grew and grew and realized that I did matter. Who are they to me? I thought. No one, that’s the answer. I am first. I’m most important. Loneliness doesn’t trip my stride; I welcome it. I’m thankful to those who kicked, who spat, who pushed little pitiful me. For they are the ones who let me have stability and future happiness with myself. I love myself so very much, that even knives can’t stab me. Since my entire childhood was spent in solitude, I consider being alone not a punishment, but a reward. If I can’t stand to be with Keyoka, then who can stand to be with me? I believe that I can touch my dreams and swallow them, embrace with love. I believe Prince Charming will come to me. I believe that I will have a very happy life; even if I live in a box, even if I’m by myself, even if no one loves me because the most important person in the world, I herby declare, is me. This is what I believe.