When you Forget Your Coffee on Top of the Car…

Melanie - Port Jefferson, New York
Entered on January 7, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

When You Forget Your Coffee on Top of the Car…

The next time you forget your coffee on top of your car, don’t worry, it’s a simple mistake. Laugh about it.

I believe that laughing is the healthiest medicine. I believe that everyone should laugh at themselves at least once a day. I always feel better about myself when I do. I believe that laughing at myself once a day allows me to accept what I have done. Whether it is a mistake, or just plain funny, laughing about it lets me move on from there.

Although I am sure that some people think that laughing at yourself when you make a mistake might seem a little insane, but I’m not talking driving over your neighbor’s mailbox here. I’m talking about stuff like forgetting toothpaste when you pack; saying something wrong: the simple mistakes. And if simple mistakes like these were ever bottled up inside me, if I never laughed them off, I would probably hate myself, and my life. But the thing is, I don’t. I always find something that I do, to laugh about.

And laughing at yourself doesn’t necessarily have to be about a mistake that you made, it could be about something that you like doing. I love to dance, and when I have fun dancing, I laugh about it. I laugh with myself, if that makes sense.

My family and I try to eat dinner together every night, and when we do, we usually end up laughing— at me. But hey, I’m used to it. One such incident that made my family laugh, and I with them was when we were all sitting around the table working on a crossword. My sister needed a five-letter word. I don’t remember what the clue was. I suggested the word might be ‘stupid’. I was trying to be a cruel older sibling, which didn’t work. Everyone was quiet while I counted the number of letters in my head…four, five, six…, and then I realized…boy was I stupid.

If I had not laughed at myself, I would probably have thought I was ‘stupid’ because I didn’t know how to spell. However, I did laugh. I know how to spell things and how many letters they are in words; it was a very simple mistake. Incidents like these happen all the time at my house, but they aren’t all about me, all the time. One time that was absolutely hilarious was when my sister walked right into the closet door. When that happened, everybody was laughing, including my sister. That day she got a bump on her head, yet, she followed my belief and she laughed it off. It was all good.

The next time you make a fool of yourself, do something really funny, or you’re just doing something really fun, laugh about it. Laugh at yourself. I wouldn’t lie to you; it’s healthy to laugh. I promise. Try it some time.