I Believe in the Power of Music

Kirsten - Birch Run, Michigan
Entered on January 7, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in the power of music. I believe there is a certain song or genre of music that could match what ever mood I am in at the moment. When I am sad I listen to “emo” music so I can just sit and be a girl and dwell on what ever is upsetting me. Many songs seem to coincide with the exact situation in which I am in, helping to let my feelings unfold with the lyrics. When I am happy or excited, I put in an upbeat c.d. so I can dance or just sing along and have a good time. Also, I love listening to rap or rock when I am getting stoked for a basketball game, getting me focused and ready to play. When I am angry and aggravated I listen to rock music and sometimes sing loudly to let my anger out, and most of the time it feels pretty good; even if I look like an idiot while doing so. When I am at church I sing praise songs and express my spiritual feelings that way. If you were to listen to the lyrics in a song, most of them have a great story behind them; having the ability to have a great impact in someone. I think its amazing that someone can make a name for them self by having a great voice, and even more amazing when they sing about worth while songs, not about profane things. I believe that music is one of the best ways you can express yourself and let your feelings out. I believe in the power of music.