Power Of Books

Ali - Birch Run, Michigan
Entered on January 7, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in the power of books, though as a child I had a very different opinion. I remember as a young kid struggling to read, stumbling over every single word. Wondering why people liked reading so much? So, I spent the next few years not understanding their passion for books. It had never made sense to me until age eight when my aunt gave me an old tattered paperback of Agatha Christie’s novel “The Three Blind Mice”. Something about it had caught my eye. I still was not a great reader, and I still stumbled every couple of words, but I wanted to try and read this. Once home I opened up the book and warily started to read. I soon caught myself picturing the Victorian styled house during a snowstorm full of mystery, and soon death for one of the unlucky guest. I eagerly trudged my way through the book hoping to find the murderer who seemed so calculating that made it seem like they would never be found. The novel continued on with more twist and turns, until the last page brought clarity to me. The murderer was no other than the Sergeant Trotter. At first I felt shock and disbelief, because he had everything going for him until he sought revenge and ruined his life. I suddenly wanted to meet this man and tell him no good would come from killing the woman who could have saved his brother. My anger swelled20up on me I wished the story to continue and not leave me with so many unanswered questions, and I suddenly realized this is why people are so passionate about reading. For them and me books are the key to casting a spell, riding a dragon, solving murder mysteries, overcoming adversities, learning from history, and showing the creativity of mind because books put us into the story. Now as I read books I feel the sadness, anger, bitterness, joy, happiness, love, and so many others emotions that go through the hero. I have also seen the face of a child as they read their first book, and watch as they go through all of the emotions that the characters goes through. The simple smile that lights up their face as they get to the ending. I, like them dream about what the character does next ,and imagine all the possibilities. I also dream of infinitive possibilities for me because books are not fully fairy tales. They are stories that live beyond the graves of their author’s. They are stories about people like all of us. They are stories that need to be told. This is why I believe in the power of books. I can sit at my home and see far away places like the borders of China. Books can show and make anyone feel every single emotion possible. Books are the keepers of imaginations. The creators of dreams and hope. The heart of life.