i believe in gardian angels.

kaylee - birch run, Michigan
Entered on January 7, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in guardian angels. When people hear angels they first think of glowing people with very big wings and they live in heaven. And as this may be true, it has more to it in my eyes. I believe that angles can look just like you and me to, no wings, cant fly, and you don’t hear beautiful singing when they appear. To me a guardian angel can be a poor old man in the streets of Detroit or a bully in your school. I believe that God sends every person a guardian angels and weather they listen to there angel is there choice. Some people can get angels form heaven but to do this I believe you must need it more then a normal person. For example children who have abusive parents or children who have no parents at all. Also think of the women who have a child but no food to feed them. In these cases I believe you can get one of Gods personal angels to help and give that extra push in life that a human angel may not be able to give. The world has always put images of heavenly angel’s in our heads. And I believe in angels just as much as the next person. I believe guardian angels can be a friend, pet, or as simple as a random person who could have never been in the smallest of ways. I believe human angels really don’t know they are guardian angles until an actual impact has been made on the person or persons whom they have helped. People may question why we need a guardian angel. I believe a guardian angel has been forgotten and given a new name such as a conscience or your sixth sense. I believe that is your angels helping you make the diction you need an extra push on making. Religion is another thing that has another thing that does not matter to your guardian angel that is why it can be a friend or a pet because for the religion that does not believe in angels of any sort. They still need help just as a person who does believe in angels would. Angels are given to you on the day of your death. I believe that God has to put a lot of thought into what kind of angels gets assigned to each person. Angels are the reason things that we learn happen. And this is why believe in guardian angels.