This I Believe About Family and Life

Brennan - St. Louis, Missouri
Entered on January 7, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

Setting a moral standard for your life can sometimes be a challenge. You need to set a good example for yourself and those around you for them to follow. When setting a code in which to live by one must choose carefully, whether he or she should follow those of a self-centered and rude individual, or those who care for others and do something courageous in there life. My choice of what example to follow came easier than others. When trying to live my life I look behind me, at the examples set by my Grandparents, and parents. My Grandparents come from the hardworking background. Growing up they both had little money and yet managed to support a family, and sent their children to catholic schools. To this day I am still very close with my grandparents and look forward to visiting them.

My parents are cut from the same cloth as my both of my grandparents. My mother and father are kind, loving, and would make any sacrifice for either me or my brother. Growing up I have felt and experienced their unconditional love. Hard work, honesty, have been some of the values that I pursue. Family life is also very important, I believe that your family is the most important part of life, and is where your strongest bonds lay. Friends come and go, but your brother will always have your back and your family will be there to support you, even when you fall.