Faith I Belive

Roerick - st.louis, Missouri
Entered on January 7, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in faith because you need it in your life because of our god. God is someone that can change your life if you believe or not believe or not believe. It could be a bad thing or a good thing, because there is a thing as heaven and hell. It is important to believe in Jesus. He is the one who wakes you up in the morning and keeps you alive. Like my mom tells me all the time, god can end your life at any time. I know a lot of people that don’t believe in Jesus and always say that they don’t are going to get baptized. I wonder why are you getting saved and you do not believe in Jesus. Then, they would say I am, I’m waiting for the right time. They need to do it right at that time. You don’t know when you are going to die. Like the saying is tomorrow is not promised. You can trust that you will be here the next day, just get it done now. You have to get baptized. Faith is important to me because it saved my life, I used to over look god, and I didn’t believe that he woke me up in the morning and things like that. I started to believe and I started to get blessings, god has done some great things for me. Like for example, school has been so hard, I started to pray every day before I went to sleep and things just started to change. After I got so many blessings, I thought that I could do anything; with the power of Jesus anything is possible. Faith can take you a long way in life, you have to have faith and believe because god will bless you. You can’t over look him; because he is will not over look you.