my fathers lesson

Alex Linan - St. Louis, Missouri
Entered on January 6, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

My father was born in Mexico as a migrant worker. He moved to America and started working on the railroad which was a step up from picking cotton and other vegetables. He wanted a better life form himself and was not happy doing what he was doing. He did not know much English and he had barely graduated high school (he spoke little English). He started taking night classes at a community college however his plans were put on hold due the Vietnam War in which he was drafted into. He tells me he was very scared and was afraid we would die in Vietnam. Of course he came back after serving one tour and continued taking classes. He eventually had enough education to become an engineer for the Missouri department of transportation. He stayed there for thirty two years and retired when I was about thirteen or so. After he retired he enrolled in Webster College to become psychologists and get his masters in counseling. He told me that a man should never stop learning. I took his words to heart but I also thought that he was going to school for something more than the sake of learning. I believe he was going to school for me and my brother so that he would know more about how to take care of us and raise us. This led me to the conclusion that family is very important. He graduated and now counsels people for a living. My dad’s life story has taught me many lessons but the most important one is that a person can do anything if they try. I will take this belief with me as I grow older and become successful just as my father did.