Andy - Chesterfield, Missouri
Entered on January 6, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: war

I believe that war is unavoidable in certain parts of the world. With the way that certain cultures and people raise their children, there is no way that some people could be open-minded about anything except with what they were raised to believe. Kids in certain parts of Middle East are not even allowed to think for themselves and are brainwashed at a very young age. They are taught a perverted part of the Koran and are led to believe that they are superior to everyone else in the world that doesn’t follow their view points.

This kind of thinking has led to some of the greatest tragedies of the world like the Holocaust camps with Hitler believing that all Jews are the root of evil, with all the crusades and the pointless killing of Muslim’s and Christians alike, and it is still happening today with different religions in the Middle East. I believe that the only way to remedy this situation is for kids to grow up and be allowed to make their own decisions on their beliefs and for radicals to learn and understand different cultures and religions even if it is not what they believe.