A Box of Crayons

Mariana - Plainsboro, New Jersey
Entered on January 6, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that there are many lessons to be learned from crayons. I believe that each and every color has an important lesson to teach me. But, in my daily life, I try to remember three main lessons.

Scarlet: Scarlet teaches me that diversity is beautiful. Back when Crayola Crayons first came out, there were only eight colors in the box. There was very little variety, because the different shades of each color had not been added to the box yet. The company only paid attention to what they considered normal, to what they thought colors should look like. Now, there are over 150 colors. There are many colors that look similar, but they are all unique, like fingerprints. They all have their individual shades, and many of them have interesting names. They represent every name, every skin color, every culture, and every individual style in the world. I like to think of myself as one of the more unique colors, like I’m beautiful in my own way. But, unlike people, all these unique crayons fit together nicely in their box, as if they were meant to be with those who are different.

Pink and Black: Pink and black teach me a lesson in friendship. These colors are polar opposites of each other. Pink is the girly cheerleader, while black is the awkward kid in the corner, who is radiating teenage angst. So, it is strange that black and pink go very well together. Their strong friendship may seem strange to others, but black and pink have always remained friends, because their friendship is more important than physical appearance. So, I try not to avoid people because of how they look, and I appreciate the fact that my friends come from many diverse cultures. I think of pink and black, and how it doesn’t matter if people look like each other. It’s how we feel that really makes a difference.

Brown: Brown teaches me that everyone has good and bad inside of them. This color is rarely used, because people think that it is ugly. Brown is the overweight kid in school, the girl nobody talks to. It’s the student who stutters, that guy that everyone tries to avoid. Nobody ever thinks about the good things brown can do, like creating the dirt that flowers grow in, or the trunks of majestic trees.

Instead of liking brown, everyone likes the blues, because they’re “pretty”. Blue is the popular track star that is perfect, on the outside. Nobody thinks about the fact that blue is the color of sadness, the color of tears. I make sure to pay attention to the browns in my life as much as the blues. I keep in mind that all colors can be used for good or bad, and that it is what I do that really determines the beauty of a color.

So, people of the world, learn from your crayons. They know more than you think.