While I was Sleeping, My Eyes were Opened

Joshua - Kalamazoo, Michigan
Entered on January 6, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in anger, I believe in hurt, I believe in sacrifice, in worship, in prayer, in justice, honesty, lies, deceit but I do not believe in hate. I believe in the human race. Great nations try to harm one another while the victims, the masses, suffer. I believe entirely on myself.

I awake from dreams of fire and misery and do not know who I was or where. Feelings of nothingness and fulfillment surround my person like a flock of mad crows or a pack of territorial jackals. I walk because I must find my place and home.

I walk along a shameless trail, broken and shattered. Crowded around me are lions and lambs. Trotting up to a fork, I begin to believe in helplessness and faith. I sit down with the Lamb while He chants a majestic phrase, “When the world opens and the heavens are lifted, where will you lie?” The words are unclear but comforting while I continue to creep down the trail.

The Lion startles me with His menacing roar and I succumb to anxiety while He chants a phrase, “ Ecstasy and pleasure are awaiting, will you leave what is hearty and join the jubilation?” I walk now with curiosity and concern as I continue my pilgrimage. A fairly large deceased man is lying along the way, wearing what seems to be comfortable garments while I am hungry and bare. Temptation is prevalent and forthcoming while I step into a puddle of the man’s blood. I daze into my own eyes and come to my realizations. The Lion along with the Lamb walk up to me as I nod. The man rises and begins to soar above the Mother Earth and Frey. The Lion and the Lamb disperse and I believe my time of enchantment and salvation will come.

I continue to live my life now as if I have a purpose. Joy, fulfillment, euphoria, and blessedness are all the things I have succumbed to. As of late, I look at the world in a new light and I believe this will continue for some time to come.