Good Things Happen to Good People

Sarah - Littleton, Massachusetts
Entered on January 6, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that good things happen to good people. I did not fully believe this theory until this past Thanksgiving break.

My little brother’s birthday was two days after Thanksgiving, so my father and I decided to set out on Black Friday to find a rare, expensive Lego he had asked for. We saw an ad for it in the Toys R’ US catalog and it was going to be on sale the day after Thanksgiving, but quantities were limited. We arrived 20 minutes late to a crowded store and we set off in search for the item. When we got to the Lego isle it was nowhere to be seen, even worse, there was another couple in search of the same Lego. The two were yelling at a sales assistant because the Lego was not out in the open. My dad and I began searching throughout the store, hoping to find one that someone had randomly put down. We had almost given up hope when my dad found one toward the front of the store.

I was pleased that we had found it, but to much of my disapproval my dad went over and gave it to the other couple that had been searching for it. “What was that for?” I asked. “Because” he explained, “they were here first.” The couple was very gracious, but I scowled when they told us it was a Christmas gift for their 21 year old son.

I couldn’t believe that my father had just given away what we got up at the crack of dawn to get. We were just about to the exit when the couple ran up to us and asked who and what the Lego was for. My father explained it was for his 12 year olds birthday, which was tomorrow. They handed him the Lego and told him he needed it for a more important cause. We thanked them and bought the Lego.

In the car I could not believe the generosity of my father for giving the couple the Lego, and I had a harder time believing that they had given it back. The world still has of good people in it. On Black Friday, one of the most dangerous shopping days of the year, I learned that good things happen to good people.