Benjamin - Wauwatosa, Wisconsin
Entered on January 6, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: change

I believe in chaos. There seems to be a semblance of order in this world, but that is mostly superficial. Consequences are rarely those foreseen in an immediate situation, however wise insightful the observer. This is a good thing. I live in the frozen, God-forsaken city of Milwaukee today because I did a double-take at a girl I bumped into on a Louisville street corner. Everyone can find a moment like this where one seemingly insignificant decision affects the rest of their life. Often that moment is like the one just described, when one discovers a certain spark in someone else’s eyes. Let’s look back just a bit further, though. I was passing that street corner at that exact moment that she passed the street corner because I chose to stop and pick up a roast beef sandwich on the way. The last three years of my life, both family and career, were a consequence of eating a roast beef sandwich. I was unaware that as I chose to eat a sandwich, I was also choosing the direction my life would take. I believe in letting the little things in life throw the big things for a loop. Keep options open and let life lead where it will. They say when a door closes on your chosen path, a window will open. I try to look for the window first.