Chris - Morga, California
Entered on January 6, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

My interest in space and the stars has caused me to question whether we are really alone. Over the years, I came to believe that somewhere out there aliens exist. The universe is enormous and it is unlikely that we are the only intelligent life forms. Not only that, but I also believe that contact with one another could be beneficial.

Given the size of the universe, there are bound to be other planets that are habitable to living beings. We evolved from microorganisms and became humans. Evolution could easily occur on another planet in the universe. There is no definite proof, but the universe seems too big and complex to only have one planet with life. Many people claim to have seen UFOs in the sky and speculate that aliens are held in secret government facilities in the middle of the desert, such as Nevada’s Area 51. There is no physical evidence that these UFO sightings are factual and the explanations are that people were just imagining the experience or that the bright lights they saw were just a human aircraft. It is possible that aliens have never visited Earth and all UFO sightings are bogus. We may never come in contact with other intelligent life if it exists in some remote part of the universe we never explore, but I believe that it truly does exist.

We often view aliens as malign, however, in my opinion they could be helpful. Science fiction movies frequently depict aliens attacking Earth as evil, unworldly creatures. Humans often fear what they do not understand, and it is our lack of understanding of aliens that causes us to judge them so harshly. What if extraterrestrials don’t attack us, but become our allies? We could share technology and resources with them. Factual proof of aliens’ existence would change our perception of the world. I would see us as less unique or significant. If we are not the only intelligent life then there is chance that we could live away from Earth. When it was proven that the Sun was the center of our solar system, the Earth was then not as significant in the grand scheme of the universe. True alien contact would cause us to realize that humanity may not be the most superior living being, and for that matter, our existence might be enhanced.

I believe that someday it will just become common knowledge that aliens exist. I think the idea of aliens intrigues us all and may be hard for some to accept. We view the world from our planet, and it is hard for us to imagine what could exist millions of miles away. The probability of extraterrestrial intelligent life gives me hope that humanity can find a way to continue life on other planets if Earth becomes uninhabitable.