Hypocrisy Prevails

Peng - brooklyn, New York
Entered on January 5, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: humanism

I believe in Upton Sinclair, but I’ am not a socialist. I believe in the opportunistic nature that exists in all of mankind, the innate avarice and selfishness that exist in each person. I believe in the inevitable clustering of such “no-good” individuals, and the fissure induced by its accretion. A fissure that divides the good and the evil, the believers and the agnostic, the rich and the poor. But I also believe in the good that humans are capable of and the eventual conviviality that ensue even the most wistful of times.

I believe that I am a good person, a good student, and a good son. But I’m a staunch advocate of reciprocal altruism. Thus many may perceive me as a selfish, no good, greedy opportunist. I respect my elders, my family, my friends, and my teachers- but I can be a dissident of their convictions, and even a sacrilegious and naive individual in their eyes. I am a decent Asian-American citizen because I adhere to the law- but I am also a generous contributor to the world’s impending doom: Global Warming; I eat from Styrofoam containers, I drink bottled water, and I like fast cars.

I believe in hypocrisy. I believe in hard work and discipline, but some days I become averse to anything that command the slightest use of my muscle. I believe in entropy, and the spontaneity of nature. I believe that where there are elements, there will be a balance, and where there is corruption, there will be a revolution . That is why I believe in Ying and Yang- despite the seemingly desultory occurrences of our world, there is also a fair share of orderliness and sequence.

Because I am human, I believe in human imperfection. I have opinions, but they are disputable. I have beliefs, ethics, and morals. But occasionally I find my self deviating from the things I stand for. And because I am imperfect, I will make mistakes- but I will never cower to my failures. And because I am not a socialist, I believe in opportunity, hope, and a better tomorrow. Fact is, I believe in many things, and many of which may sometimes be paradoxical to my actions. And although this ostensibly undesirable quality of human paradox is often perceived and labeled as a curse, it is, in many respects, also a gift. We are not born with a fixed frame of mind, we are simply forced to winnow the good and the evil, the right and the wrong, the humdrum and the heavenly and, throughout our life time, its not about trying to obliterate all evil because that would be unfeasible- but siding with the good, and maintaining a special relationship with the other side; be opinionated, be ethical, and even be a bit idle from time to time- just don’t be ignorant.