Wretches and doves

Taiylour - Kansas
Entered on January 5, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

Im waiting here on another saturday

same old same old

wondering what i threw away

why does it have to be like this?

Because i let it?

stubborn, bullheaded, strong willed!?

Am i really i crumble inside, but my

wall of optimism is up and activated.

I push through,put on a smile cuz it makes it a better day

I dont let people see my pain.

If i do they have ammo and I’m left

weak and vulnerable..

I can listen to anyone, talk you through your pain and be there..

When you ask me to talk i become a bawling, weak,emotional teenager.

Some say ive been through alot

But i havent seen half of what my friends go through.

Ive had my trials and he is there to pick me up always.

I feel low but he makes me whole and clean with just two words:


how does he keep loving me if i hurt him,how

much pain does he have or see that he forgives?

how many wretches does he turn to doves?..