Escaping Monotony

Adelaide - Parlin, New Jersey
Entered on January 5, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

This I believe…

For one expanse of a truly immeasurable moment, a pause in the inevitable onslaught of impeding time, at a certain step on as I walk towards my next destination in life…I am suspended in uninhibited flight. I look at the azure sky—sometimes tinged with ocher and tawny rouges in the midst of encompassing blue—stretching, stretching, unceasingly overhead like a worn out rubber band, somehow managing to include all creatures of life without snapping under the strain, and I am abruptly no longer me. The eyes that were focused so intently on a small patch of the blue dome overhead have glazed and are now navigating through whirlwinds of the palest grey clouds.

Those eyes glance, far down below, at a girl on an uneventful walk home. She paused to daydream but ended up lost in a sea of frothy white ghosts, trapped in their majestic beauty. How callous her troubles are! How insignificant, how petty! How, these, eyes marvel, can she gripe over tests and human problems when the world around her is so alive? Life is teeming, bursting, and blooming all around in swathes of brilliantly pulsating color, in gusts of intense sensations, and in soft, gentle whispers of delicate ethereal grace. This life tenderly tugs her from the encasement of her body and she becomes a part of it. A harmony she will never understand despite being an integral aspect—an indispensable part of a moment of perfect unity—envelops her and she embraces life for one small, unforgettable iota in time.

I believe in this magic, in this last escape: my escape of spontaneous flight. I believe in shedding my inconsequential worries and sprouting velvety wings, soaring further away from the paltry details of life and flying towards the central unity I belong. My discomfort at not having found a “place” for myself is gone. I am accepted, without question or qualifications into the downy, cotton white enclosure of the clouds. The sun gleams gold, illuminating every facet of my ebony skin and lighting the darkest corners of my mind—the thoughts I am sometimes devoured by. There is so much light, I am temporarily blinded—dazzled—and in this light, I mistake my soul for one of dove-like white innocence, blameless for unintentional sins and committed vice of past. I fly away from the person I fear I am and toward the human I was destined to be.