I Am Sovereign

Deborah - Sedona, Arizona
Entered on January 5, 2009
Age Group: 50 - 65

As every individual’s life is measured by the missteps and achievements experienced along this journey, I believe the ongoing biography of the human race can be so viewed.

One day, human beings will stop killing, enslaving and hating each other in a misguided offering to an alleged deity who demands we prove our faithfulness. Instead, we’ll embrace our responsibility to be the creator we seek.

We’re an interesting species, we humans. World-wide and for centuries we held faith in a goddess creator. Our understanding was clear and brilliant – women solely and mystically created life from within themselves. They fed this creation from their own source and spent years nurturing it to independence. So, the divinity had to be female. Proving one’s belief was not necessary because Goddess was mother to all. No identifying garment was required, no public pledge demanded or ceremony imposed.

The male’s primary contribution to the clan was to hunt and kill animals for food; an occasional treat in this agricultural society governed by women. When men learned of their participation in the miracle, life to them became mundane. Their long-held secondary role was comfortable, so any change to it, even that of equality was a source of insecurity and disbelief. A pessimistic philosophy of “if I have anything to do with it, it can’t be worth much” evolved. Men had to create their role as the opposite of women’s in order to believe it could be valued and have merit. Thus, a reason to fight and dominate and destroy also had to be created. As the centuries passed, be it through religion or industry, men continued to justify they have a role, and some still believe only in their capability for destruction. It’s an illusion that causes the mayhem, mass annihilations, environmental poisons and emotional suffering of our world today.

I believe we are at the adolescence of our development and should we survive this juvenile stage, we may seek to explore our cultural differences with a design to truly learn from them. I believe men are tiring of the imposed role of warrior, with its obligation to invent more ways to kill, and want to finally believe in their contribution to life. I believe women will guide them to that.

Every mother understands that her baby, in no distress or discomfort, may throw a tantrum from his crib only because of his desire to be held, cuddled, or simply assured he is not alone.

Our beliefs, be they infantile or rational, are extremely powerful. Because women once believed they were part of the Divine, they were. If all you believe in is your role as exterminator it will be yours forever.

One day, in humanity’s evolution, we’ll each recognize the power of creation in us and reject our ability to destroy; for destruction is not an instinct. It is taught and learned. I believe it can be outgrown.