This I Believe

Cary - Denver, Colorado
Entered on January 4, 2009
Age Group: 50 - 65

I believe in stepping off the curb in front of the nice little house my wife and I bought three years ago…crossing the street, and picking up trash. I no longer feel self-conscious as I perform this “small” act (the only small community service is doing nothing at all).

I believe there is a new sense of commonality among us, we who dream of better days. The world was built by dreamers, after all.

At a certain bus stop in the 1970s, in Denver, Colorado, I would often see an old man, his eyes bright with the wisdom of having lived and loved under many moons. He would tell me of being poor during the great depression, “Were we poor? Oh, yes, but there was love…” after that he looked straight into my eyes (soul) and said, “Whatever you do, do it with diligence.”

After that, I never saw him. The driver told me he had died, and he had been in his nineties, though he had looked much younger.

So it is with diligence that I step off my curb, walk across my street, and pick trash out of the gutter…I believe in small acts, for they tend to ripple.