I like to sing Jazz

Roy - Charlotte, North Carolina
Entered on January 4, 2009
Age Group: 30 - 50

I woke up early Saturday morning. It was about 6:30 a.m. and I couldn’t get back to sleep. It was then that I decided to turn on the television set in my bedroom. I thought I could at least surf the channels to find something of interest to watch. It was then that I came to station that was showing the old cartoons that I used to watch as a kid. It started with a father owl that lived in a big oak tree with his wife. On the outside of his tree he had posted signs that advertised that he was a classical music teacher who taught classical voice, piano and violin. In big bold letters at the bottom of the sign he clearly states ‘Classical Only, No Jazz!’ The next scene takes us into his house where he is pacing back and forth as his wife sits on 4 eggs in her nest. He stops periodically as his wife checks to see if the eggs are ready to hatch.

Suddenly the mother owl feels a stir underneath her and she jumps up to finally watch her eggs hatch. The first egg breaks open and a baby owl pops out and he starts singing like Pavarotti. The second egg breaks open and another baby owl comes out playing a classical piece on the violin. The third egg breaks open and the third baby owl comes out playing a beautiful song on the flute. Finally, the last egg hatches but this time this baby owl jumps out and he is different. This baby owl begins to sing jazz! The baby owl begins signing this cool jazz tune ‘I Love to Sing’. Both parents are overcome with disappointment, so much so that the mother faints. The baby owl is now ordered by his father to practice classical music only. The father leaves the room for a minute and when he returns he finds the baby owl singing jazz again. This time the father owl is furious with his son and orders him to leave their home. The baby owl is walking through town where he discovers that a talent show is being held at the local radio station. He starts to sing his catchy jazz tune ‘I Love to Sing’. The judge takes notice instantly and the baby owl wins the first place trophy! Watching this cartoon brought a smile to my face. I can’t tell you how many times that I felt like that baby owl. I didn’t purposely try to be different; the point is I am different. I can just imagine that all of us have found ourselves to be the ‘odd egg’ out. I sure there were times when no one understood us. I understand now that it takes great courage to be different. I believe we all can’t sing classical music but for me, I like to sing jazz and I am proud of it.