I believe in finding your passion

Todd - Rexburg, Idaho
Entered on January 3, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe In finding your passion

I believe in finding what you love in life. Ben Franklin quoted this on his passion to learn more on electricity. “For my own part, I never was before engaged in any study that so engrossed my attention and my time as this has lately done.” I believe when we find that passion in life, that’s when the magic starts to happen. That is when normal people accomplish even the most outstretched achievements.

Ever since I was a baby I always had a ball in my hand, kind of like a dog always has a ball, or a bone in its mouth, or at least that is what my parents told me. It didn’t matter what kind, a small squooshy ball to a big blown up balloon. I loved them all. I guess you could call that my passion growing up.

I also believe it is what you do with what you love that makes you who you are. I love playing basketball. In grade school, middle school, and even high school when you saw me you most likely saw a basketball in my hand, it became a part of me, When I played basketball whether by myself in my parking lot, or at high school in front of a huge crowd of 3,000 people, I felt at peace. I felt like nothing else mattered for that moment. It is wonderful to experience those sort of feelings. I hope everyone feels that in their life. Finding what they love and then doing it until they create a masterpiece inside themselves.

In the end I learned so much through that one passion in my life. I learned to work hard at what I do. My parents and coaches always told me I will never get anywhere on the court if I don’t practice. They told me that with talent alone I am destined to fail. I listened to them. I practiced all the time, and the best thing about it is I loved it. I loved getting better, I loved the workout. In the end my love for the game gave me something special. Yes I did achieve a lot while playing. I started my junior and senior year. We played in the state championship game my junior year. I made first team all-state my senior year. I even broke records that haven’t been broken for thirty years. But even more important I learned persistence, I learned to stick to a task even when it felt like to much to bear, because in the end it would be worth it. I learned to love something, which I believe made me a better person. It made me happy. It made me feel important, and everyone needs to feel important.

I believe in finding your passion, even if it involves flying a kite on a stormy night.