The Power of Words

TaraKaye - Fair Oaks, California
Entered on January 3, 2009
Age Group: Under 18


It is amazing to me that I can look at a page of abstruse line and curves and decipher an encrypted message. It is wonderful to me, that a person who dies years ago can still convey their ideas just as clearly as they did before. I am fascinated with words. Words connect ideas and thoughts and it is through words that we communicate and describe emotions, events, and desires. It is true that for some things there are no words to describe, but that phrase in itself alludes to the significance majesty, horror, ect, of whatever subject is being discussed. I believe in the power of Words.

With 2 words—2 people are joined as one forever

With 3 words—one can communicate full appreciation and adoration for someone else.

With 4 words—a race was given hope for equality

With 8 words—the greatest man in history breathed his last breath.

With 1 word —a course can be changes forever

With 1 word —you can uplift a person,

And with 1 word —you can tear them down

The Bible says, “ That which cometh out of a man, that defileth him”. There are times when I just don’t realize how potent my words are. Around my family, my siblings, my friends. Sometimes words just spill out like marbles from a jar, and once they roll away, I can never get them back again. Oh I can apologize and ask for forgiveness, but I can never really get back those same words. Small negative words have big negative consequences.

Equally important is the positive power of a word. One “Hi” with a smile in the morning makes me feel like a somebody. No one rally sees how much their words have an impact on others. For good or for bad.

What also always amazed me, is the fact that I can pick up a book or story or article, and just reading it makes me feel and think thins. Without having the author right there I’m able to understand what he or she believes. They are a connection illuminating one persons belief or knowledge to the mind of someone else. Regardless of whether that person fully agrees or not, they are granted the opportunity to understand someone else’s point of view.

In poetry, in music, novels, speech, movies—words surround us. And of course there is more to a word than just its existence. I man there is how it is said, why it is said, who it is said to, when it was written, how it was written, but a word in itself, no matter the circumstances of its usage, has an innate power. I believe in the incredible power of words.