Love can conquer all

Kaitlyn - Loveland, Colorado
Entered on January 2, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: love

Love can conquer all. In the worst situations or the best, the relationship falling apart or will last forever, I believe that love can conquer all. When you truely love someone and you feel that the path you are on is breaking and coming to an end, all you want to do is fix it, so be willing to fight for what you believe in. Love more and come out stronger.

My fiancé and I, a couple in love for a year have a strong relationship, well we do now, and having him in another state started to make things a little difficult. Yelling, crying, hands shaking violently at the other who was not there, and constantly having the urge to close the phone and give up, in what seemed to be the world’s longest fight and it kept feeling like we were close to the end. I didn’t want it to end, and neither did he, but the flaws we found in each other over time kept coming up like old secrets, and only made this worse. I did what I was brought up to do, fight for what I believe in. I knew it was not going to be easy.

It was hard at first. Trying to get my fiancé to calm down and ease his yelling for a moment while I attempted to defend myself. Quietly sitting on the bed we had a lot of laughs and nice times on together and with the smell of him still lingering between the sheets. Tears silently rolling down my makeup less face telling him over and over again, “I love you’” with nothing but an unconcerned, “ I love you,” back. How to describe the feeling in the bottom of my gut in the middle of the bickering and arguing firing through the phone that started to develop tear stains on it. The feeling of guilt and sickness mixed together with a touch of fright. If only I knew his feelings. Fright maybe, hatred towards himself for doing this? I defiantly knew his thoughts. When he said the words, “Maybe we should break up,” my stomach just dropped and I felt nothing. From then on, the fight seemed to go on even longer.

Within those few weeks, so many little fights occurred during our all time massive war of all fights; they all just seemed that same. I remember once I was so scared for our relationship that after we resolved one issue and he started to calm down a little bit, I called him every half hour all night long just to reassure myself and to make sure we were alright. He didn’t mind, he actually thought it was nice that I cared so much. I did that because I love him, and by doing that, our relationship started to recover.

It took over a month to mend our separate hearts into one once again, but after all the tears had been sheded, and the raised voices had been quieted, the love we share still to this day was brought back to life. I never gave up for one moment, although my fiancé for some reason was defending his side for letting go for so long, and he told me why. It was because he loves me so much and that I didn’t deserve him and I should be with someone better. Because I love him so much, I didn’t believe for a second that I could be with anyone even more better than him. He is the only one for me and I am the only one for him. I love him and that I why I fought for our love. I did no want to lose him, so I showed him how much he means to me and my love for him conquered the world’s longest fight. We are still together to this day, stronger than ever.