I believe

Gerda - California
Entered on January 2, 2009
Age Group: 65+

I believe

I believe in life—it is a miracle

I believe in what is good for me

and suffer and fret through things going sideways

without losing my sight and balance (maybe sometimes)

I believe that hard work pays off in its own time and space

I believe that love is not a magic pill—but it creates a wonderful place to be

I believe in life’s purpose and karma even though it may not reveal itself in the moment

I believe in reincarnation because there has to be more to life than birth and death

I believe in quiet, unseen and unrecognized justice spanning generations—not just limited to the perpetrator or ones hell bent on destroying their lives and those all around them even when sweetened with the milk of kindness and honey from the bee

I believe in basics, living a life that has purpose and stretches out its tentacles and breathes deeply

I believe that we are a compilation of stories retold generation after generation connecting ancestors and newborns

I believe that the human condition of moving, leaving, traveling, immigrating, finding a better life, searching for adventure is a human condition one that cannot be contained by politics, walls, secret agreements, false words to create fear and submission to the “one” who seems to have answers

I believe in awareness of nature and the safe places that nourish me

I believe in holding on to life’s treasurers no matter how defined

I believe that friends are placed in our lives to help guide and support us

I believe those who appear as danger signs and worrisome dependence are sent to teach us lessons—ones we try to ignore and deny

I believe out of madness, sickness and craziness comes calm, purpose and hope.

I believe in believing.