More Love Than Fights

Jocelyn - washington, District of Columbia
Entered on January 2, 2009
Age Group: 30 - 50

More Love Than Fights

Inspired by the This I Believe radio show, I decided at dinner one evening that everyone in the family would discuss his or her profound beliefs.

Puzzled but dependably game, our eldest daughter, 8 year-old Miranda suggested, “The Easter Bunny?”

Sensing fun, our youngest son (and twin) Nathan shouted, “The Tooth Fairy!”

“The Tooth Fairy eats boogers,” elder twin Christian blurted.

Instantaneously the conversation deteriorated. “The Easter Bunny eats boogers!” “Reindeer eat boogers…” “Mama eats boogers!”

“That went well,” my husband Richard quipped. I stomped inside to do dishes. Then Richard offered, generously, “Things reveal themselves in mysterious ways.”

And so they do. We believe in:

Being Prepared: In March, Christian began pouring over websites of children’s costumes. In July, he wore his black and orange socks. One August evening, when he could not fall asleep, Christian insisted his father stay with him. He kept rolling around, kicking his feet. “Settle down!” Richard whispered sternly. Christian stopped and the air was quiet and still. Richard gingerly moved to get up, only to hear, clearly, in the silence, “Dad?” Christian drew a big breath. “What are you going to be for Halloween?”

Valuing Life: Watching bits and pieces of Indiana Jones (we never manage to finish the whole movie as it is both scary and outdated), we were all mesmerized by a scene where Jones and the heroine Marion narrowly escape the bad guys by stealing an old broken down cargo plane filled with crates of live chickens. Just when it seems they are flying to safety, they realize that no one is flying the plane and it is heading straight for a mountain ridge. In the nick of time, Jones and Marion find parachutes and jump to safety seconds before the plane crashes into the mountainside. Richard, Jocelyn, Nathan and Christian whoop and holler and cheer (as EVERYONE who ever saw the movie has), but Miranda stares in horror at the TV screen, and asks in a quiet, upset voice: “What about the chickens? Are they OK?”

Forgiveness: In the deep raw midwinter, misunderstandings flew and accusations boomeranged around the home. Like animals before a storm, the three children intuited something big might happen and huddled together on the couch. A thunderous silence befell the house. Several long minutes passed before the adults regained composure. Finally, bravely, Nathan announced, “At least there is more love than fights.” The angry silence turned to civilization and we gathered the pieces of our family together.

We believe in being prepared, valuing life, forgiving, and living in a world with more love than fights.